Ok, Here's The Dealio...

What's up Photoshop designers!  My name is Corey Barker,  I am one of the Photoshop Guys and instructor for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I recently realized that we provide loads and loads of Photoshop and design training over at the NAPP member site but no real way to see what people are learning and nothing drives creativity more than a little competition. With that in mind I present to you the first Photoshop Guy's Photoshop Design Challenge. Whether you're an aspiring designer or a veteran who wants to flex some creative muscle, I invite you to enter this special competition. The contest will feature a theme to which you will build a concept around and then design the poster for it. You can design anything you want but please remember this contest is open to anyone so keep the images tasteful. Let's keep it clean and fun!  


The Challenge: A Disaster Movie Poster


So for this first contest your assignment is to design a disaster movie poster with a silly title and funny tag line! Think Sharknado but with a much better design. That's it! I feel sometimes we find ourselves limited to what a customer wants or an art director wants. Haven't you ever just wanted to go all out and really see what you can do and truly have the final say on your work? Now you have a good reason to push yourself. All you need to do is come up with a cool idea and create it! This example here is something I did just to give you an idea, but I want you to be more creative than that and have fun with it. Remember this is to demonstrate your design skills so concentrate on creating something really eye catching! See the rules below for design challenge guidelines. All submissions will be viewable in the Entries Gallery.





Free Fotolia Hi-Res Stock Image Download

To help you get started we have a special offer from the folks over at Fotolia.com. Stock photography is a designer's best friend and to help you get started Fotolia is offering one free hi-res download to use in your design. Simply go to this link and browse their massive library of photos, graphics, and videos. The winner will also receive a free 3 month subscription, which amounts to about 25 hi-res downloads per month. 


Fotolia is devoted to offering affordable creative imagery royalty-free and includes over 24 million photos, vectors, illustrations and even stock video clips. Whether you’re a professional designer, manager, presenter, small business owner or student, the right images for your website, brochures, reports, and slides are available on Fotolia. Over 4.2 million people prefer Fotolia.com for affordable, royalty-free images, graphics and HD videos. Fotolia spans the globe with websites in 15 languages and websites in 23 regions. 


Your Panel of Judges:


In addition to myself, entries will be judged by famed digital artist Bert Monroy, NAPP Creative Director Felix Nelson, and fellow Photoshop Guy Pete Collins. Entries will be judged  on concept, creativity, overall impact, and Photoshop skills. So dig deep and really push yourself to be as creative as possible. Judges decision will be final. So no whining!

Winners will be announced LIVE on Photoshop User TV 
October 15, 2013! 


What's In It For You?

Well, besides braggin rights and the chance to show off what you can do, I have managed to put together what I call the Designer's Dream Package. With support from some of the biggest names in the industry the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down. As you can see below you can win everything but the laptop itself to take your design career to the next level and beyond.  

In addition to your winning design being revealed on Photoshop User TV, it will also cycle through all our social media outlets and be a feature story on the NAPP member blog. Your design will also be showcased in a future issue of Photoshop User magazine. But wait, there's more... 




• One Year Membership to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)
• 3 Month Subscription to stock image site Fotolia.com (25 Hi Res Downloads a Month)
• Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers Book by Corey Barker (Signed Copy)
• Photoshop Compositing Secrets Book by Matt Kloskowski (Signed Copy)
• One Year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud
• One Year Subscription to Squarespace
• Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet




• One Year Membership to NAPP
• One Year Subscription to Squarespace
• Down Dirty Tricks for Designers Book by Corey Barker (Signed Copy)
• Photoshop Compositing Secrets by Matt Kloskowski (Signed Copy)
• A third book of your choice from Kelby Training



• One Year Membership to NAPP
• One Year Subscription to Squarespace
• Down Dirty Tricks for Designers Book by Corey Barker (Signed Copy)
• Photoshop Compositing Secrets by Matt Kloskowski (Signed Copy)
• One free DVD of your choice over at Kelby Training



 Design Challenge Guidelines

What are the entry requirements?

The NAPP and coreysbarker.com assumes all entries are original Photoshop creations and are the works and property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. NAPP and coreysbarker.com is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant. Modifying, enhancing, or altering someone else’s existing artwork does not qualify as an original creation, however stock photography may be used and modified in your entries. Third party plug-ins and other applications may be used to create your artwork, but the primary tool for the creation of your entry must be Adobe Photoshop. Entries must not defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any personal or proprietary rights of any third party.

You may use other applications in support of your design such as Illustrator or Lightroom but the remember it is a Photoshop design challenge so Photoshop must be the main tool for creation.


Who is eligible to enter?

This contest is open to anyone who wants to flex their design muscle and really see what they can do. 

Is there an entry fee? 

Certainly not, all this will cost you is a little bit of time and some creativity. 

How many pieces can I enter?

Designers may submit up to 2 designs. 

What is the submission deadline?

All entries must be submitted by October 1, 2013.

When will the winners be announced? 

As mentioned above the winners will be announced Live on Photoshop User TV on October 15, 2013. 

What type of designs are not allowed?

This contest is designed for all ages so let's keep the designs clean. I will trust your best judgment but just remember images that depict inappropriate material will be removed from the contest. So NO zombie porn!

What if I have a question?

You can submit any questions by clicking here

What are the file size requirements? 

A standard movie poster measures 27 in x 40in. You obviously do not need to work that large but do keep to those proportions. I will typically build designs at half or quarter that size and then size them down. Final submitted designs must be saved as jpegs measuring 800px wide X 1200px tall.  

How do I submit my designs? 

You will submit images via email by clicking the button below. Enter the title of your design in the subject field then enter your name and a description of the piece in the main body of the email. Don't forget to attach your design or designs before sending. (NOTE: If you do not use a default mail application then simply right-click on the button and choose to  Copy Email Address. Then you can paste into your browser-based mail.)